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, lady bird johnson each ring mark updegrove and michael gillette. this is just over 50 minutes. >> hide and welcome to the texas book festival, the panel on lady bird and lyndon. my name is caroln austin and i love being a moderator at the book festival and ier particulay love this task this year, because i have had the privileg of reading two books that interlock it provided one hold 360-degree experience in reading them. before we begin, and i introduce our authors, i want to remind you all that all proceeds of book sales at the texas book festival goats the libraries of this great state. so, please avail yourself of the book tent and after a recession is over the book signing tents where you can get both of the signatures of these two wonderful gentleman on the front pieces of your books. now, our panel today, as you know, is about ladybird johnson, an oral history, and it involves a total of 18 years' worth of interviews with ladybird johnson . and indomitable will come lbj in the presidency, the interesting thing about these books is that ladybird memories and history leading up to
commenting about lyndon b. johnson. michael gillett who assembled ladybird sorrell history directed the lbj library oral history program from 1976-1991. he later served as director of the center for legislative archives at the national archives and is currently the executive director of humanities texas in austin. he is the author of launching the war on poverty, an oral history. to my right mark of the growth is the current director of the lyndon baines johnson presidential library and museum in austin, texas. a post he assumed in october of 2009. an award winning author and presidential historian, he has written three books relating to the american presidency, indomitable will lbj in the presidency was published by crown in march of 2012. baptism by fire, a presidency took office in times of crisis in 2009 and second act, presidential lives and legacies after the white house. he spent much of his career at time magazine, first as president of time canada and toronto and then as los angeles manager. he has also been a publisher of newsweek magazine and the vice-president of sales, marketin
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's got everyone talking. coming up, lieutenant colonel rick francona and penn gillette. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ >>> obviously, there's going to be examination of the conduct but my focus is on four dead americans, all of them brave, unnecessarily and what is clearly all the earmarks of a cover-up. >> senator john mccain taking on the white house over the benghazi attack. a lot of the questions are for general petraeus, at the center of a growing scandal. lieutenant colonel rick francona once served in the cia also. the opinionated penn gillette. god bless you. >> thank you so much. >> let us start, if i may, with the lieutenant colonel. it is bordering on the absurd, this story. at the same time, there are very serious potential ramifications. we've already seen the loss of general petraeus as director
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additional cards before we go to the next speaker. jane martin, jillian gillett, glennishia campbell ston, patricia ubency, cecilia pÉrez, margarita -- beatrice montenegro, daniel boyd -- next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. my name's sharon gadberry. i recently presented a civil grand jury report on muni switchbacks. we found that 20 to 30,000 riders a month are made to get off their bus or train, due to shortages in the muni system. at that time, muni refused to comply with our request to end this practice of switchbacks, mainly due to the deficiencies that they cited in their system. since our jury is no longer meeting they did not take a position on supervisor ween's proposal so my testimony is personal as a muni rider and as a person who completed a study on muni. i support supervisor wiener's proposal to apply also i think all -- all and any new funds should bring the system up to speed, before any new and free ridership is offered. sfmta has many plans for improving their system. however, these plans have not been achieved. no free rides should be offered untilukvz those im
" director has come a long way since gillette with george clooney saying hollywood loves a comeback and affleck is an unbelievable comeback kid. that's for sure. >>> and finally, do you remember this? has released their 2012 list of the most memorable internet moments, and some of the top ones were election-related, like this one, clint eastwood's infamous invisible obama speech, and mitt romney's big bird remarks. but the top spot? you remember this one. it went to olympian mckayla maroney's way-too-honest, not-impressed face. yep, that will leave a mark. >> i'm trying to make that face, but you can't. >> it's too cold. you would freeze. >> it would freeze that way. >>> well, this comes to us from wmtv, nbc 15 in madison, wisconsin, where a dog and his family were reunited after years apart. lucky the dog ran away from home four years ago, leaving his family with little hope of ever seeing the little pooch again, but as luck would have it, lucky recently showed up on tv as the humane society's pet of the week, and it shocked the owners. calls were made, and eventually,
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name is julian gillett, san francisco's policy director for transportation in mayor lee's office and the mother of a public school students whose yellow bus was cut. free muni youth was replace -- but i can assure you there is no way it will function that way. last school year 2800 students traveled on the yes low school bus but were children 10-year-old or less. when the school district provides transportation it is specialized transportation for a singular market never requiring transfers between vehicles with guaranteed seats and seatbelts. it is completely unreasonable to respect more than a tiny fraction of elementary school children to use muni on their own. free muni for youth is definitely not about replacing the yellow school buses to get students to school. it will be completely ineffective and school districts will be blamed for its entirely unpredictable failure however there is still a serious problem for children who used to take the yellow school bus they have no replacement except cars. there is also a second related problem also completely ignored by free muni fo
, cbs news, beijing. gillette u.s. navy seals are part of an elite force that operates in the the shad shadows, best known for killing osama bin laden. but our pentagon correspondent david martin has learned a group of seals is being disciplined for revealing secrets. >> reporter: the seven members of seal team 6 are all still on active duty. one of them was on the raid which killed osama bin laden and made seal team 6 a household name. for two days this spring and summer they worked as paid consultants on this recently-released video game "medal of honor warfire." four other members of the team who have since transferred out of the unit but are still on active duty are under investigation. the game does not recreate the bin laden raid, but it does portray realistic pictures such as an attack on a pirate's den in somalia. it was produced by electronic arts which boasts that real commandos, both active duty and retired, help make its games as realistic as possible. >> operators can jump at altitudes of 30,000 feet. >> reporter: it is unclear what secrets members of seal team 6 gave away
johnson & johnson or kellogg's or gillette because they will still brush their teeth, by staple groceries, that kind of thing. they will survive, most of the companies are looking for to feather your nest so to speak to whether more volatile times. david: let's go to tony for a second. retired folks have been killed, tired folks more than anybody else our safety betters. in fact a lot of fixed income that's, these low rates we have seen, historically low rates getting screwed, how do we deal with a fixed income account? >> they have to move up on the spectrum. we don't see a lot of value in u.s. treasuries and investment grade corporate bonds right now because based on low interest rates and the possibility of appreciation, a five year time horizon of zero total return. david: where would the most conservative investors of all, which are the elderly, where would they go in equities? where would they trust their funds in equities? >> to give your definition, these are companies that have dividend paying stocks that have consistently increased them over the last 25 years and increase them t
gillette. that's it for me, andy levy. we will all see you tomorrow night.s >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> on 9/11, as commander and chief, did you issue any orders to try to protect their lives? >> shepard: in his first presidential press conference since last march, mr. obama was finally asked about libya and he faced embarrassing questions about david petraeus. >> you can assure the american people that there have been no breaches of national security in the scandal involving generals petraeus and allen? >> bill: we'll analyze the presidential press conference today and what it means to you. >> i'm an honorary consul general so i have volumability. >> now it seems one of the women involved in the general petraeus sex candle may be a loon. we will have the latest on this story. >> miller will react to the press conference. and miller still have chick-fil-a on his mind. >> they say general tsou's chicken and i say i don't think so. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watch
was the stuffing. >> if you are not willing to have sex with it, i won't eat it. >> all right. penn gillette's new book is called "every day is a holiday." it is available now. we will close things up with jedediah bila. >>> you can watch greg on imus in the morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. and he will be on "the o'reilly factor" to support that book of his. and make sure to catch greg when he hosts "the o'reilly factor" on friday. and a new "red eye" returns tomorrow. >> and now back to jedediah bila. >> what is going on? >> all kinds of stuff. you can watch my segment called "the trade." actionable trading ideas. if you are sitting at home or at work, tune in. fox business network. greg will be on in the morning. it is a great, great place to turn your tv on. >> excellent. bernie, how are things at imus in the morning. >> things are fantastic. greg will be on as you just heard. >> causing trouble. >> i have a paperback version of my book. it is my days as a male prostitute. there is a bonus chapter of how i blew the entire amount of money i made during those days. so check it out.,
will remember it will. it was on friday that larry hagman passed away. we want to reach out to bud gillette. he is there on the ranch. bud you look great. the lights look terrific behind you. we were wondering, what have people been doing? >> reporter: they have been dropping by with flowers out at the main gate. there's a visitor center over here where people had their picture made with a full screen likeness if you will of larry hagman. there's books there. people are offering condolences. they all want to walk through and see the area here at the mansion at south fork where he lived and mythically lived or at least worked. larry hagman worked here during the filming both the first season and then in the rebooted seasons on cable beginning this last year. >> you know, as you point out ate television show and first and foremost but it had a significant impact on the image of dallas. certainly brought it into the living rooms and television homes of so many across the country. what was the impact on the show on the town itself, the city? >> reporter: well it's ironic mr. hagman would die so clo
is popular. so are gillette razors and mickey. 100% genuine? maybe not. the chinese are addicted to brand names, even if they don't always know how to spell them. with the help of kroll investigators, we found a counterfeiter who took us to her garage in yiwu, where she displayed western running shoes ready to be copied. we wondered how long it would take to make copies of these nikes. >> [speaking foreign language] >> ten days. >> ten days. 1,000 shoes at $4 a pair. was she afraid of the police? not at all. "we have a good relationship with the cops," she said. and what do the chief cops in beijing say? we spoke to gao feng, deputy head of china's anti-counterfeiting police unit. from what we've seen, sir, counterfeiting is tolerated. obviously the authorities know about this, and yet, the shopping mall is open, the markets are open. >> [speaking foreign language] >> this phenomenon does exist. i admit its existence, but there's a question of how hard you crack down. that's because, under chinese law, someone cannot be prosecuted only because he sells a small quantity of fake products. >
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)